Résultats CRFPA 2019-2020

Cette année encore, de nombreux étudiants du Master II Droit et Fiscalité de l’Entreprise d’Aix-en-Provence et, souvent, du Magistère droit des affaires se sont brillamment illustrés à l’examen d’entrée du #CRFPA2020. (que ce soit aux centres d’examen des IEJ d’Aix, de Paris I ou d’Avignon). Pour la promotion actuelle, 11 étudiants ont été reçus, ce qui est vraiment exceptionnel. Un très grand bravo à Oriane Beauvois, Ali BENCHEQROUN, Eva Bernichon, Xavier Celle, Lina CHERRAH, Leïla Chikhi, Marie Clever, Mathis Nganta, Antoine Maniglier, Roméo Ristaino et Anthony ROUSTAN. Parmi les étudiants des promotions précédentes, mes plus vives félicitations à Lisa Chibout, Audrey Coullomb, Mattéo Desgranges, Julia Libert, Alice MENETRIER, Margaux Perreira, Lola Zucchelli, Axel NAKACHE (avec toutes mes excuses à celles et ceux que j’ai peut-être oubliés).

MAG 2 trip to LONDON 2019

February 10th… the Mag 2 class landed at London Airport, ready for their « legal tour » week in the city of business, finance, and huge legal deals !

What was in store for them ? A whole gamut of meetings, visits, lectures, court hearings, and what not… with a cocktail of cultural experience, touristic visits, pub crawls, and shopping sprees…

Day 1 started with a meeting at the London Business School , overlooking the stunning Regent’s Park, where a former MAG student, currently an M.B.A. student there, made a very lively presentation of the various programs on offer in this worldwide-famous business school.

It was followed with a visit of BNP Paribas nearby where we were given a talk by a group of lawyers about the organisation of the legal department, the daily work of an in-house counsel, and also the opportunities of V.I.E. for the French people who are interested in acquiring experience abroad. We got a very warm welcome and had a most enjoyable chat with them around coffee and tea.

Day 2 was scheduled as a long day. We first headed for the Gherkin, this most noticeable glass-framed building, which hosts the offices of Kirkland and Ellis International LL.P.

We were awaited there by another Magistere alumna, currently a senior associate with the firm. Thank you so much to her for, despite her extremely heavy caseload, taking the time and effort to address the group and tell us about the route she followed after leaving the u, the essence of her work now, followed by a very interesting Q&A time, which allowed for total freedom to raise all sorts of questions about career paths and prospects, work-life balance, earnings, competition, promotion, and so on… A most enriching meeting !!

In the afternoon, we were welcomed at Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London, for a presentation of their LL.M. programs and a tour of the school, before we attended a lecture on EU tax law, about state aid and the current Commission investigations… a very interesting class indeed !

On Day 3, the Supreme Court of Justice was on our agenda, with a robust presentation of its membership, its role and recent history, illustrated by high-profile cases the Justices had lately dealt with. Unfortunately, they had no hearing that morning, much to our disappointment. But we were given the green light to sit in their seats, those of the « crème de la crème » of the British Judiciary…. Daunting !

Our next visit was to the London School of Economics, where a couple of professors full of stamina, together with the recruitment manager, addressed us on their LL.M.s and there were sparkles in our eyes…what if we applied in 2 years’ time to complete our French education ? A Magistere alumna currently a student at L.S.E. had asked for such a meeting to be arranged. We are truly thankful to her for this !

Day 4 had a great surprise in store for us… We went to the Middletemple Inn of Court, where we were told during our visit about the ins and outs of the barristers’ profession. , and we ended up having lunch in the great XVI century hall, among the members of the inn, i.e. barristers and judges, a most impressive setting to say the least, and a delicious meal on top of this.

The afternoon was spent in the Court of Appeal across the road, attending hearings, watching and listening to the fully berobed barristers.

Eventually the last day of our trip was dedicated to Morgan Lewis law firm, where here again a former Mag student, now a fully qualified lawyer in England and Wales, had arranged for half a dozen associates to come and speak to us about their special area of practice, labour, employment, M & A, litigation, energy,…One of them, (also a MAG alumna) had come from Paris office on purpose to share in the talk…thumbs up for the Magistere alumni who feel so committed to welcoming the young ones !

A few words to conclude… once the educational part of our study trip was over, we were left with lots to do ! sight-seeing, hiking in the parks, visiting exhibitions, eating fish and chips or… famous cookies, disco-dancing and pub-crawling…. Having fun !!

Thank you to the director of the program for allowing this group experience abroad to come true ! We all hope this will be repeated next year for the younger ones !

Conférence sur les conséquences juridiques et fiscales du numérique sur les entreprises

Conférence sur les conséquences juridiques et fiscales du numérique sur les entreprises

Retour en images et en quelques mots sur la conférence portant sur la “les conséquences juridiques et fiscales du numérique sur les entreprises” organisée par le Magistère ce jeudi 19 avril. Celle-ci fut un succès total puisque près de 80 personnes étaient présentes !

Au cours de cette conférence ont pu être abordés différents points, parmi lesquels :

  • Les conséquences de l’usage de l’outil numérique dans les relations sociales
  • Comment créer, encadrer et optimiser votre business sur internet, son influence sur les réseaux et l’utilisation de vos outils informatiques
  • La France paradis fiscal pour les start-ups ?
  • Comment utiliser l’outil fiscal pour motiver les salariés ?

Un très grand merci à l’ensemble des intervenants pour leurs présentations de qualité. :

  • Mr Sylvain Montoro, directeur fiscal de BlablaCar ;
  • Me Paul Scotto di Carlo, Avocat au barreau d’Aix-en-Provence et Maitre de conférences, médiateur de la conférence ;
  • Me Sophie Savaides, Avocat au barreau de Marseille, expertise dans le domaine du numérique.

Nous tenons également à remercier à la fois l’ensemble des étudiants présents mais aussi les professionnels ayant fait le déplacement. Nous espérons que vous avez apprécié autant que nous cette conférence ainsi que le cocktail qui l’a suivie. Enfin, nous ne saurions oublier de remercier Monsieur Olivier Négrin, directeur de notre formation, pour son discours d’ouverture et son soutien dans l’organisation de cette conférence. Merci à tous et à bientôt pour de nouveaux événements organisés par le Magistère !